Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Too Much Interest in Couture/Liddell IV

Earlier this month, rumors swirled that the UFC was considering pitting former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell against former heavyweight champ Randy Coutre for a fourth time. However, it seems as though neither of the two fighters are interested in facing each other again. Liddell already holds a two-to-one advantage over Couture, including knockouts in their last two meetings.

In this week’s enstallement of “MMA Live,” Franklin McNeil of stated that neither fighter has been presented with fight agreements for a potential fourth fight. McNeil indicated that although the UFC’s management team may have discussed it, neither Liddell nor Couture were too enthusiastic about going a 4thRound.

It was speculated that the UFC was planning to make this fight the main event of UFC 99, their first ever MMA promotion in Germany. McNeil did stat that it’s possible that both Couture and Liddell will be participants on the event, however they would be featured on separate bouts.

Both of the former champs are coming off of losses. Liddell hasn’t fought since being knocked out by Rashad Evens at UFC 88. Including that loss, the soon-to-be 39-year-old Liddell has dropped three of his last four contests.

After a year-long layoff, Couture made his long awaited return to the Octagon at UFC 91 earlier this month only to lose his title to Brock Lesnar.

That being said I think both fighters should work they're way back up the ladder. Randy should fight the loser of Mir and Nogueira. That what fans want to see. I also think the loser of Silva and Jackson is a good match for lidell. If he deserves that much.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Preview to UFC 92

Rich Franklin - Interview by StrikeBackTV

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fedor Emelianenko defends WAMMA title against King Kong

King Kong vs. Fedor Emelianenko


The two fighters come out slugging and Emelianenko gets the better of the exchange as he drops Kong with a left hook, then immediately pounces on him.

Kong is curled up in the fetal position as Emelianenko takes his back and rains down punches to the side of Kong’s head. Emelianenko is able to roll on his back and attempts to get Kong in a rear-naked choke. After some slight jostling, the king is forced to tap.

LOL have a happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

UFC Action Figures Could Offer a Whole New Licensing Headache, and Just in Time for the Holidays

The UFC’s twenty-four-hour tantrum over Jon Fitch’s refusal to sign away lifetime rights to his video game image has now subsided, but that doesn’t mean all such licensing issues are so easily resolved. According to a new article on CBS Sportsline, Round 5 says they've already locked up the exclusive rights to some of the action figures that the UFC was hoping to roll out under their deal with JAKKS Pacific. I smell trouble a-brewin'.

As you may recall, Round 5 announced their first line of fighter figures with the signature oversized head and hands well before Dana White went on CNBC to announce his deal with JAKKS. Now Round 5 creator Damon Lau tells CBS that some of the prototypes the UFC has been showing off won’t be hitting stores:

"All I can say is that there's a likelihood -- well not a likelihood, but there's a fact -- that some of those figurines can not actually go into production," Lau said. "I've seen the prototypes as well, but the rights to those guys have been already signed over to our company."

Lau declined to identify all of the UFC figure prototypes that he felt would violate a Round 5 MMA exclusivity clause, with the exception of saying that the Randy Couture prototype depicted at the recent toy fair would be a violation.
"I've seen prototypes online, but unfortunately yeah, that does preclude him (Couture) from being part of that program," he said.

Lau went on to say that the UFC was “totally cool about it” and said that because the JAKKS figurines are more aimed at kids while the Round 5 figurines are collectibles for a more adult market, he thinks there should be room on the shelves for both.

"I wouldn't be surprised that when Jakks releases their product, that we'll be side by side (on shelves), simply because of the fact that the product is completely different," Lau said.

"We haven't had any problems as of yet, and we don't foresee any problems in the future. We think it's a great market and there should be room for everybody."

Maybe he’s right. I hope he is. But this ‘room in the market for everyone’ stuff, that doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard come out of Dana White’s mouth recently. The UFC banned MMA Authentics simply for getting the Wal-Mart deal that they wanted for themselves. If you’re looking for signs that the UFC is willing to share a piece of the pie with competitors in any realm of their business, you might be looking for a long time.


If you have not seen this yet it will make a great gift this season. Rich Franklin's acting debut

Matt Hughes arrested!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shogun vs Coleman Fight 1 & Aftermath

In Japanese sorry. I love the shaving cream ad at the end of this video lol

Jake Shields Officially A MMA Free Agent

With the demise of EliteXC, Jake Shields is as of now a MMA free agent;

it has been 30 days since Shields has a filed breach of contract against his former employer and according to and verified by Shields, the former promotion is in breach of contract and that he is now a free agent on the open market.

With all of this going down, it is certain that Shields will be in demand, especially due to the fact that he is the 4th-ranked welterweight in the world, according to WAMMA;

so really it isn’t so much if he gets signed, but by which promotion. And according to Shields, he wouldn’t mind signing with the UFC (I wouldn’t mind of he did, either), adding,
“I want to fight some of those guys in the UFC. I haven’t had a chance to talk to (UFC President) Dana (White) about numbers, but it’s certainly a show that I would like to be in right now and hopefully get in there and mix it up.”

I expect Shields to be signed with a reputable MMA promotion by no later than early December;

MMA Spot will keep you updated soon as we hear something.

Self Defense move of the week

Self Defense Technique: Breaking Fingers -
Alright I know this sounds gruesome and but man is it a powerful move. If you are in a real life self defense scenario then do whatever it takes to survive. This won’t knockout your opponent but they will certainly be distracted by the severe pain and just sight of their broken finger to let you run away.

How to break a finger:
Although bones are strong breaking a finger is relatively easy and can be done by even much smaller defenders. Grab any finger, not the thumb, like you are grasping a bike handle bar and jerk the finger in the opposite direction of the joint. Side to Side or Backwards it doesn’t matter. Use the joint as a pivot and break it like a twig.
There aren’t any downsides to this move and can be great if you are tied up or on the ground with an attacker. Make sure that you don’t kind of jerk the finger. If you put all your strength in it and have a solid grip using your palm to drive it down the finger should snap rather easily.

UFC 93 now a PPV

UFC 93 featuring the long awaited Franklin vs Henderson fight will no longer be free on Spike tv.

I'm not sure the reason but I assume Zuffa figured they would go for the money. The card was set up to go head to head with an Affliction PPV. Since that card was cancelled Dana no longer has a reason to give the fans a free top notch card. With this event just 2 weeks befor Penn vs GSP I hope the fans tune in to support Franklin. 'He is our fav"

Rumor: Liddell May Move To Heavyweight To Fight Couture has the scoop:

A strong source indicates to Bloody Elbow that Chuck Liddell is currently in negotiations to move to heavyweight in order to fight Randy Couture. The proposed fight would take place on June 13th in Cologne, Germany.

The UFC wants to have Randy on their Germany show because he speaks the language and can do all the promotion.

The winner of the fight would face the heavyweight champion in a big fight at the end of the year.

This makes more sense than the Anderson Silva vs Liddell fight that has been rumored to be in the works at 205.

We will keep you updated

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