Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Henderson says it should be him or Nate not Belfort for the title

He also says UFC or no UFC, He plans to fight in February.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Machida error

I wasn't going to buy UFC 104. I thought it was kind of a lame card but, I bought it anyway. The card had some good fights blah blah blah then the main event.
I told everyone Shogun did not deserve this title shot. That Machida was going to murder him. Machida had never even lost a round before nobody could even hit him.
Shogun proved me wrong.
He went in with a solid strategy that picked Machida apart. His leg and body kicks slowly broke down Machida. At the end of five rounds Machida was beaten and bruised and Shogun looked as if he could go 5 more rounds.
I was SURE Shogun was the new champ.
When the judges gave the win to Machida myself and every other person in the entire MMA world was shocked.
But not Machida.
He acted as if he won the fight from the sound of the final bell.
It was a sad sad night for MMA.
Shogun worked his ass off and won that title. He was robbed and as long as Machida holds that belt the title is a complete joke.

ICF Fight Club brings the pain.

I live near Cincinnati OH. Earlier this year a local promotion Intimidation cage fighting ICF held a show at US Bank arena. The same venue the UFC held their event at when they came to town. I was there with Rich Franklin and met the promoter Steve Stanton. I was impressed with how well it was all done.
Stanton then went on to buy his own venue, a nightclub that he calls Fight Club. This is the nation's first MMA themed night spot.
Once a month Steve holds an ICF event at the club. When I heard about this and that it was in my home town I was stoked.
Friday night I attended my first ICF event at Fight Club. There were 10 fights on the card 3 pro bouts. I was impressed with the fights and the turnout.
The set up of the venue is kinda odd most the people had to stand. the VIP area is a very cramped balcony and the ringside seating was very limited. On the plus side there are Huge video screens and flat screen tvs everywhere you look. There is a bar close to you no matter where you are and there are a ton of hot girls. I'd really like to see more MMA memorabilia around the place. And perhaps a mini amateur card every weekend would keep people coming.
Overall the place rocks. I will be going back and if you are an MMA fan this is the place for you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fedor is coming

In case you missed it CBS has started hyping Fedor during football games.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hendo needs a new agent.

He is not a 500k a fight bad mother fucka tho.
So Dan Henderson is trying to milk his KO of Bisping for all its worth. I can't blame the guy but, He is going about it all wrong.
First off Bisping beat his own self by walking into that right hand. Dan has not been able to drop anybody else he has fought in the UFC in such fashion.
Unless you want to count his bullshit eye poke of Rich Franklin. Dan should push for a short 2 fight contract with the UFC. Take the fight with Marquardt,win,get the title shot, and win,then ask for the big bucks.
But it seems Henderson lacks the confidence.
If he goes to Strikeforce just to earn more money it will be a sad way to go.
Dan Henderson Strikeforce champion lol. who cares?

UPDATE: Hendo recently told HDNet's "Inside MMA" that he won't be heading to a rival organization.

"I don't plan on fighting anywhere else," said Henderson, who reportedly met with Strikeforce officials, during the Sept. 18 edition of the show. "It never even entered my mind that I'd be anywhere else. It's just something myself, Dana (White) and the other guys over there at the UFC, we need to sit down and figure it out for my next fight."

"But my guess is my next two fights will be Marquardt and Anderson Silva. It doesn't matter to me which order they're in."

Dana says part of the UFC may be for sale.

If I can just get 100 million of my friends to chip in I'll be all over this.

Should Junie Browning be fighting?

November 28th, Browning & Cornwell will meet in the MMA Big Show cage at the Belterra Casino Resort in Indiana very close to where I live.
Browning was recently released from the UFC after he assulted 3 nurses trying to help him after he overdosed on pills. I think he is taking this fight for a payday and nothing more. But is he ready?
The video above shows a dude with issues he had the shot of a lifetime and he blew it.
I personally have no intrest in watching him attempt to climb the ladder again. On the plus side Browning could be a great stepping stone for Cornwell. I'm sure when he gets his time to shine he won't waste it.

The blog is back

Ok ok I know I have not blogged since Rich lost to Belfort. The reason really is nothing in MMA the last few weeks has excited me.
The next 2 UFC events are not really huge events in my opinon. But alot of things are coming up locally here and I thank god for that hehe.
Anyway there are some things going on in the world of MMA and I plan to voice my opinon on them for whatever its worth.