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Jessamyn Duke Signature T-shirt

The hottest up and coming female fighter in the game now has her own shirt. Check out Jessamyn Duke's Signature T-shirt on There is a tank for the ladies available.

UFC's New Insurance Policy Creates Influential Shift in Talent Acquisition

(from Bloody Elbow)

On Monday, the UFC announced that all fighters under the Zuffa banner would be covered by accident insurance effective June 1st of this year. The policy has no restrictions on where a fighter resides, nor does it exclude fighters who do not have a signed fight contract for an upcoming event. Approximately 350 fighters will be covered under the new policy, giving them up to $50,000 per year with premiums being paid by Zuffa. The move is a monumental milestone in combat sports, making the UFC an even more prominent destination for aspiring stars of the cage.

Talent acquisition has been a topic of discussion among fans for years, mainly focusing on the up-and-coming talent that may have a shot at greatness in more prominent promotions. For many of those fighters, money is a significant reason why they may sign with one organization over another, but the UFC is typically the end game. Maximum Fighting Championships, Bellator, Shark Fights, Tachi Palace Fights, BAMMA, the list goes on of credible organizations who can shell out the cash to acquire the services of solid prospects or older veterans hoping to prove they can still hack it in the UFC.

Zuffa's new insurance policy may change the way in which prospects think about their future, specifically the loved ones they may be helping support or their own well-being. We've heard stories about the struggles of professional fighters in the past. Injuries can wreak havoc on families, putting extreme pressure on fighters to perform, work through injuries in training, and show up to fights less than 100%. Let's not forget the added stress of finding a way to pay for training camps and training partners that were brought in to help you succeed.

The UFC may not be paying what regional promotions are shelling out to lock up touted prospects, but the insurance policy is a security blanket that is worth a substantial amount. In my opinion, it should be a deciding factor for many prospects who are offered less money to fight for the UFC while being offered the potential of a Bellator payout or possibly higher payouts in their first fight by promotions like MFC or Shark Fights. In essence, the UFC may have caused an influential shift in how they acquire talent. Talent won't be waiting to be noticed. They'll be banging on the UFC's door to let them in.

A bargaining table that includes the UFC, Bellator, MFC, and various other organizations is now heavily lopsided in favor of the UFC. Even if they are offering $5,000 to show, $5,000 to win while MFC is offering up $10,000/$10,000 or even $15,000/$15,000, the UFC is the better deal. Why?

Fighters headlining regional cards aren't making a living on their wages alone. They are normally working as instructors at their gyms or working a regular blue-collar, or sometimes white-collar, regular paying job on the side. It may be slowing their progression in becoming top talents, but for now -- it's what needs to be done to support themselves and their families. Injuries can affect both their personal jobs, their fighting careers, and the loved ones they support. No other promotions can offer that kind of commitment. In my mind, the UFC just one-upped any promotion hoping to sign talent that has the UFC's watchful eye already interested

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Absolute Action MMA offers ticket deals

I spoke to the Absolute Action guys last night. They told me they were offering deals on pre-sale tickets to the shows on the 4th in Lexington and the 18th in Florence.

You can get general admission tickets to both shows for $45
A VIP ticket to both shows for only $60

The more pre-sale tickets you buy the more you save. Get yours now at

Fighting Words With Mike Straka - Rich Franklin

If you missed this when it aired on HDNet check it out.

AAMMA 13 Post fight

This past Saturday night at the Midwest Sports complex was electric. All the fans rushed in from the rain and patiently waited in line for the doors to open. Once they got everyone in the door and the lights began to dim I started to get nervous. I was doing the commentary and post fight interviews. I never seem to worry about screwing that up until just before the show starts. The night of completion started off with the first three bouts not making it out of the first round. Then Skelton and tsunami went to war in what some people said was the fight of the night.
I think the show just kept getting better as the night went on. My Cage Passion Radio homies Mr. Billy Donovan and Dr.Parag Patel spared no expense on the production and the match making was top notch.
I want to thank Absolute Action MMA for allowing me to host the PPV broadcast. And I would like to thank my broadcast partner for most of the show pro fight Rob Nickerson. He did an awesome job and really knows his stuff. Also Cage Passion Fight wear of course for sponsoring the event. Also I want to give a shout out to Bluegrass MMA and Warcry Wear for sponsoring ammy fighters. Fighters at this level have a had time get sponsors so you guys stepping up is awesome in my book.

Fight of the night:

Robby Malof vs Chris Myers

I had to think long and hard on this because there were so many great bouts. I really enjoyed this fight not only because of the great BJJ on the part of Malof. But also because of the defense displayed by Myers. Robby was all over him in this fight and Chris refused to be finished. Myers took this fight on short notice but you couldn't tell. Robby Malof is yet another JG guy that is going places. I look forward to seeing both of these fighters in the cage again. Malof won by unanimous decision.

Submission of the night:

Doug Ballinger vs Jeremy Philpot

Lots of submissions happened Saturday night. Given that this bout was for the 145lb title and that these two had went to war so many times made this one stand out tho. Ballinger got a sweet armbar on Philpot at the 00:53 mark in the first round. Now both Ballinger's titles are vacant as he is making his pro debut June 4 in Lexington.

Knock out of the night:

George Oiler vs Dom Steele

This was not really a knock out it went down as a tap to strikes. From where I was sitting tho I seen it like this, Dom Steele was all over Oiler in this fight. During some ground and pound Oiler ended up with his nose busted and blood was covering both fighters. Dom clinched Oiler on the cage in front of our broadcast table and landed a high knee square in the face of Oiler. George fell to the ground and covered up and Steele was relentless with his stikes till Oiler tapped. I really feel it was the knee that did him in tho.

If you missed this show it sucks to be you. I had alot of fun and really enjoy seeing all my fight friends at these events. I look forward to AAMMA's summer tour and seeing new fighters and new fans. Be on the look out for new episodes of Cage Passion Radio because you never know when the dynamic duo are going to have another big announcement.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Turtle's UFC 129 picks

Ok so tomorrow is the big day UFC 129. This is the biggest UFC event ever really, with 55,000 seats sold. I had hoped to post my thoughts on all of these fights in detail,But I am really pressed for time today. So that being said Here are my picks for UFC 129.

Sean Pierson vs. Jake Ellenberger

I am going with Ellenberger on this. Dude is just crazy and I have never been a Pierson fan.

Nate Diaz vs. Rory MacDonald

I am torn on this one. Macdonald is a very talented fighter and so is Diaz. With Nick Diaz just havin a fight and Shields in this main event I am left to wonder how much of the camp was focused on Nate. I am going to go with Diaz by Sub. It would not surprise me if Rory takes this tho.

Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Jason Brilz

Will somebody please tell me why this fight is on the main card? Do you care? Cause I don't. I am taking Brilz I do not believe Matyushenko should even be in the UFC.

Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida

So Randy says no matter what this will be his last UFC fight. I have to say I think Randy's style could be bad for Lyoto. In his fight with Rampage, Jackson got him on the cage but could not keep him there. I think Randy can. Machida's counter style is not going to work well against Couture. I think Randy will take it on the score cards.

José Aldo (c) vs. Mark Hominick

Kick kick boom. Aldo all day.

Georges St-Pierre (c) vs. Jake Shields

Ok so here it is the main event. I am a huge GSP fan and not a fan of Shields at all. That being said I think Shields will win this fight. I do not think that GSP has the power to finish Shields on his feet. And I also do not think he can stop Shields take downs. I question if Shields can make GSP tap tho. So I think this may be a rather boring fight for the casual fan with Shields winning the decision.

So thats what I think for whatever it's worth. Enjoy the fights everybody and I'll talk to you on Cage Passion Radio Sunday Night at 11pm for a recap.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fighting Words with Mike Straka Preview - Rich Franklin

This will finally air Friday night on HDNet.

Dana white video blog UFC 129 day 1

UFC Officially Takes Steps To Improve MMA Judging

Today in a report coming out of, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Marc Ratner confirmed that the UFC has officially petitioned the Nevada State Athletic Commission to revise their judging methods to include table top monitors for the judges to view the action inside the Octagon.

As seen in multiple UFC broadcasts, closed circuit televisions are used by both Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg as well as UFC executives Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White while they watch cage side.

In the report, it was disclosed that the petition to get this underway starts with UFC 130. Currently the commission in California is the only governing body that provides monitors to view in the cage contests using monitors.

The use of monitors gives judges angles and viewpoints that cannot be seen by merely sitting and observing from their bench. The implementation of monitors will greatly increase their ability to see all the action and hopefully translate into better decision making on the bouts that are determined by judges scoring.

If approved by the NSAC for UFC 130, it is almost certain to become the norm for the regulators inside of Nevada.
And it’s about time

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Happy Easter everyone


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Timbo and Ballinger exclusive T shirts

On May 7th Aaron Webb aka Timbo Slice and Doug Ballinger both have fights at Absolute Action MMA 13. Cage Passion Fight wear has exclusive shirts for both fighters. Order yours now at
Also be on the look out for a AAMMA female champion Jessamyn Duke shirt in the very near future.
So show your support May 7th as Timbo Slice fights AAMMA heavyweight champ Josh Franklin. And featherweight champ Doug Ballinger puts his title on the line against Jeremy Philpot.

Pay Up For Plenty

I am reposting this information from the events Facebook page

Donna Messano Metz and her family are hosting a fundraising benefit in aid of Muscular Dystrophy. Please help this wonderful cause, by coming, donating, enjoying the silent auction prizes, split the pot & raffle & ' free buffet'! Thee Molly Wellman, Cincinnati Mixologist of the Year, will be doing what she does best, mixing delicious concoctions!, guest appearances include; @The Gold 45's and local DJ Grover Smith.

Its going to be from Sunday, May 1 at 2:00pm - May 2 at 2:00am

Place Rick's Tavern & Grille
5955 Boymel Dr
Fairfield, OH

Come see our Split the pot and raffle/silent auction items that are out of this world! Win a ringside table for TEN at Absolute Action MMA's next event May 7th, Rich Franklin's autographed gloves, a granite vanity and installation courtesy of JT Tile, 2 memberships to Jorge Gurgels Training Academy for Kickboxing (gloves supplied) and MMA training for one month, A Bottle of Utopias by Sam Adams!valued $600, (Sam Adams Ice Bucket, beer glasses, sipping glass, Tee, hat and keychains to compliment this awesome auction item), Fusion MMA one month membership, hair cuts/colors from Salon LA via Taylor Jameson, Identity Salon, Curl up & dye and Mitchells, We have $150 for Montgomery Inn, this prize can be shipped anywhere in the USA!, $200 for The Fox and Hound, Carpet cleaning (3 rooms), multiple massages, golf and more golf rounds including Shaker Run, Cin City Burlesque tickets, comedy clubs tickets, Shadow Box, Go Bananas, Funny bone, Reds Vs Brewers Tickets, ,with complimentary parking (behind Diamond!), Gift card for The Rusty Bucket, Pure Romance gift basket, Scentsy candles gift basket, haircare gift basket and $50 gift card, Bass Pro Shop gift card for $50, all Natural tolietries basket,Starbucks goodies, StarBonesdoggie treats, liquor via Carl at The Crazy Fox Saloon!, Walts BBQ gift card, NYPD gift cert,this could go on alllllll night lonnnnng. You just gotta come! Enjoy our complimentary buffet and wonderful entertainment, it's going to be quite the event!!!

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Sneek peek at new American Fighter line.

Rich Franklin is in California for an Affliction photo shoot. Earlier today American Fighter Tweeted some pics. Giving us the first look at the new AF line available soon at Buckle and Macy's.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Absolute Action MMA 13


Friday, April 15, 2011

New UFC 129 trailer

Family Fight Wear

I wanted to kind of spotlight Family Fight Wear this week. It is a small local company owned by Regina Green and her husband Terry. They are both huge MMA fans and always on the scene at local events here in Kentucky. The biggest reason is that her son is the AAMMA Middleweight champ Shane McClain. They are strong supporters of MMA and her son, So much so that she started designing her own fight apparel. They have some great t shirts so check out the link to right of my page and show em some like and order a shirt or two. Also be sure to check out Shane in his first title defense Saturday May 7th as he fights Shaun Asher at AAMMA 13.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cage Passion Radio

Cage Passion Radio Highlighting upcoming Absolute Action MMA 04/12 by aamma | Blog Talk Radio

The latest episode airs LIVE at 11pm

Ryan Debelak vs Troy Bleviins 8/28/2010

Absolute Action MMA has made the re-match between D-block and Hands of Stone official. The fight will take place June 4th. I had the honor of being cageside the first time these to met. And see for yourself it was one hell of a fight. This video is part one click part 2 to view the rest of the fight.

I don't want to see Silva vs GSP

Ever since Zuffa bought Strikeforce people have been talking about the match ups that they would love to see. Up to this point GSP vs Anderson Silva was the Superfight people hoped to see in the near future. I have no desire to see that fight myself. I have seen both fighters up close and there is a huge size difference. Long story short, I think Silva would kill GSP. Don't get me wrong I love GSP he is one of the greatest champions of all time. That's why I do not want it to happen. It would tarnish the legacy of GSP.
I do however have some Superfights that I would love to see. I think some of these match ups make more sense than others, But none the less I love to see them.

GSP vs Nick Diaz
Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva
Randy Couture vs Fedor
Overreem vs Cain Velasquez
Jose Aldo vs Gilbert Melendez
Brock Lesnar vs Josh Barnett

Ok so flame me all you want I'd love to see any of these fights. What is your dream superfight?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Absolute Action 13

Absolute Action MMA Back in Florence Ky Saturday May 7th at the Midwest Sports Complex. AAMMA.NET has all the details. Cant make it to the event watch it live on!

Come out and see these fighters go to war inside the AAMMA Hexagon!

Here is the fight card as it is on this date.

Pro Matchup's
...Tom Hayden vs Harry Johnson
Christopher Bennett vs Anthony Jones
Marcus Finch vs Jamey Scruggs
George Oiler vs Dominique Steele

Ammy Matchup's
145-Jessamyn Duke vs Crystal Bentley (womens title)
155-Michael Morelli vs Robby Malof
185-William Underwood vs Justin Higdon
155-James Morton, II vs Luke Hoffman
170-Deric Reece vs TBD
145-Brandon Windisch vs Josh Foster
heavy-Adam Prince vs Michael Gay
145-Thomas Deinlein vs Matthew Tallon
135-Derek Angel vs Blake Askin
Heavy-Duprie Moon II vs John Buchanon
155-Brittany Skelton vs Rayshaun Allen
205-Robert Consorti vs Jaret Jetter
185-Jerry McClain vs Shaun Asher (185 title fight)
135-April Bowling vs TBD
135-Eric Moell vs Brandon Cawthorn
145-Doug Ballinger vs Jeremy Philpot (145 Title)
Heavy-Aaron Webb vs Josh Franklin
170-Dustin Lema vs TBD
125-Gina Begley vs TBD
155-Gerry Huber vs Nick Noe
155-Bryan Massong vs TBDSee More

American Fighter strikes a major deal

Via the Dayton Daily News...

An area mixed-martial-arts company has scored a major licensing deal.

MMA apparel company American Fighter, which is based in Loveland and owned by Jeff Adler and UFC fighter Rich Franklin, has scored a deal with industry giant Affliction Clothing.

According to American Fighter spokesperson J.T. Stewart, Affliction has signed a licensing deal to put apparel in Buckle, Macy’s, Dillard’s and other “high-end stores.”

The deal runs for five years with an option for another five. Affliction, which is one of MMA’s biggest sponsors and a mainstream apparel brand, paid a “healthy” licensing fee upfront and will issue a royalty on all sales, according to Stewart.

“They deal with the fighters, marketing and distribution,” Stewart said. “They are a real player. In the time we met with them on a Thursday until the next Thursday, we had a deal done. They had already sold into four major retailers.”

Early in Franklin’s fighting career, he and Adler created the American Fighter brand from scratch. With Franklin as front man, the company has made solid strides in a crowded MMA-apparel space.

The company also sponsors many MMA fighters, including Loveland native Matt Hamill, Jeremy Stephens, Alan Belcher and Marcus Davis. American Fighter and Affliction now collectively will run the fighter-sponsorship program.

“They’ve been a great source to work with,” Stewart said. “Everyone is on the same page. It’s not real tough to do business with them.”

While most of the operations will move to Affliction’s California headquarters, the Loveland base will remain open to deal with wholesale orders and direct sales. Additionally, the American Fighter website ( will undergo an overhaul.

“This was the right deal at the right time,” Stewart said. “They can focus on expanding the apparel, and we can focus on some other projects with the American Fighter brand.”

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley Full Fight

If you missed this last night it was a great fight. Diaz is a beast.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Business as usual.

Strikeforce Diaz vs Daley: Turtle's picks

So tonight on Showtime we get to see the first Strikeforce event since the Zuffa buyout. This is by far one of the best SF cards I have ever seen. I often complain about the matchmaking on SF cards,But no complaints out of me this time around. Anyway I thought I would post my picks for this fight card and try and redeem myself for the awful job I did on the last UFC Fight night. So here we go...

Shinya Aoki vs Lyle Beerbohm

I'll start with the first main card fight of the evening. First off let me say I am a huge Aoki fan. He is the submission machine. I personally think he fights better when he is pissed haha. It seems he has trouble fighting in the states tho. I do not know if it is the fact that he can't wear his tights of many colors or if its the cage or what. That being said I hope to see an angry ready to win Aoki. Beerbohn is no joke tho, He was undefeated until Febuary of this year when he suffered a Decision loss. Will Aoki be the first to finish him? I think so Aoki by sub in the 2nd.

Gegard Mousasi vs Keith Jardine

I almost don't want to watch this fight. I love the Dean of Mean and have seen him try and make his "comeback" more than once now. I find myself feeling sorry for the guy everytime I see him suffer another loss. On the other hand it would be nice to see the guy get a big win and that is just what Mousasi would be. Mousasi's only recent loss was to King Mo. Before that this guy was on a tear winning 15 straight fights. his last 2 fights were wins in Japan fighting for Dream. I think he will take Jardine down and finish with a choke in the 2nd or 3rd.

Gilbert Melendez vs Tatsuya Kawajiri

First title fight of the evening. Melendez is the best lightweight in the world in my opinion. If and when he ever gets a shot at the UFC champion Frankie Edgar I believe he would win easily. But on this night he faces Tatsuya Kawajiri. This is actually a rematch of a 2006 Pride bout that Melendez won by UD. But I think this time around will be diffrent. I see Melendez getting the finish this time. TKO punches in the 2nd

Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley

Two of the biggest arrogant attitudes in MMA clash for the SF Welterwieght title. I love Nick Diaz he is always exciting to watch with his punches in bunches style. I don't really think thats how to beat Daley tho. Daley has a lethel KO. Everyone who has beaten Daley has done so by taking him out of his comfort zone. If Diaz takes this to the ground his BJJ will cancel Daley out. Daley has a huge punchers chance here and if he won the title under the Zuffa umbrella it would make things interesting. I'm going with Diaz by sub in the latter rounds of the fight.

Well those are my thoughts for whatever they are worth. It should be a very entertaining card. Have a great night everybody!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Well wishes to the Irish Hand Grenade.

Real quick I wanted to wish Marcus Davis all my best tonight as he makes his MFC debut. He is fighting Curtis Demarce and the card will be on HDNet at 10pm. Marcus is a great guy and JG Academy is his second home.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

AAMMA XI Suber vs Bennett

This is a great fight. These two met up at AAMMA XI. Bennett says he wants a re-match. I'd love to see it,What about you?

Yogi Bear vs. Ranger Smith

Referee Boo Boo Bear stops this contest at 1:38 of the first round.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cage Passion Radio

Join Billy D, Double P and myself tonight at 11pm. Big Big MMA news tonight.

Strikeforce Diaz vs Daley.

This card looks pretty sick. Also on the card Gilbert Melendez vs Tatsuya Kawajiri for the title. And Gerard Mousasi is fighting UFC vet Keith Jardine. Shinya Aoki is also on the card. Damn I love Saturdays.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Absolute Action XII recap

What an awesome night of mixed martial arts action April 2 was. I had the privilege of sitting cageside and doing commentary with the guru who knows more than you do Brian Furby. It was a fantastic night as AAMMA crowned 3 new champions and a few new contenders burned their names in people's minds. Your opinion may differ from mine,But this is how I seen some of the highlights of the evening.

Fight of the night - Derrick Weisenberger vs Nick Noe

I had said for weeks this would be a great fight and these 2 did not disappoint. Noe had Weisenberger mounted in the first round and was pounding him. He then went for a rear naked, But there was no quit in Weisenberger. He weathered the storm and in the next two rounds a beat up Derrick stuck it to Nick Noe winning by Unanimous Decision

Submission of the Night - Is a tie for me Jinny Skees was taking a ton of damage from Alisa Hauschild, But pulled off a sick armbar in the third round for the win.
Earlier in the night tho Luke Hoffman def Jerry Huber via a just as sick armbar only 25 seconds into the fight. So they both get my props.

Knock out of the night - Ok so this is also a tie sue me. My boy Shane McClain won the 185lb title with a sweet punch that knocked out Mike Marrapodi just 19 seconds into the first round. Then in the co-main event Jared "honey" Combs landed a very well timed head kick to knock Tyson Triplett slick out. Both were a sight to see.

In other highlights Jessamyn Duke wasted no time beating Sarah Cook to become the new AAMMA female champ and Josh Franklin Shocked alot of people by beating Dupri Moon via standing guillotine choke to become the new AAMMA heavyweight champ.
It was a great night I really enjoyed doing the post fight interviews. I would like to thank my homies Dr. Double P and VP Billy D for allowing me to be involved with a sport I love so much.

Here are the results of the entire card. I stole these from my friends at CageCraze. They do great event coverage so check them out.

Jakub Wethington def Chris McKenzie via TKO at 3:00 in Rd.1 (McKenzie could not answer the bell for Rd. 2)
Deric Reece def Travis Faulkner via Submission (choke) at 1:21 in Rd.1
Rogelio Garzon def Eric Price via TKO (strikes) at 2:07 in Rd.1
Levon Sackett def Rayshaun Allen via Submission (strikes) at 1:50 in Rd.2
Luke Hoffman def Jerry Huber via Submission (arm bar) at 0:25 in Rd.1
Lance VanHoosier def Lonnie Mosely via Verbal Submission (injury) at 2:43 in Rd.2
Gina Begley def Trinity Jostmeyer via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:16 in Rd.1
Chase Piatt def Brittany Skelton via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)
Derrick Weisenberger def Nick Noe via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)
Jinny Skees def Alisa Hauschild via Submission (arm bar) at 1:48 in Rd.3
Chancellor Edmonson def Jason Carrier via Submission (guillotine) at 2:00 in Rd.1
Josh Franklin def Duprie Moon via Submission (standing guillotine) at 2:29 in Rd.2 to win the AAMMA HW Championship
Jessamyn Duke def Sarah Cook via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 0:52 in Rd.1 to become the new AAMMA Female Champion
Shane McClain def Mike Marrapodi via KO (Punches) at 0:19 in Rd.1 to win the AAMMA MW Title
Kody Charlton def Matt Bell via KO (Knee) at 1:41 in Rd.2 to retain the AAMMA LHW Title
Jared Combs def Tyson Triplett via KO (head kick) at 2:11 in Rd.1
Dallas Woods def Chris Smith via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Friday, April 1, 2011


So all the fighters have weighed in and are ready for war. Finally April 2 is here. So many fantastic fights on the card I do not know what fight I am most excited to see. Duprie Moon vs Josh Franklin is now for the AAMMA Heavyweight title.Female champ Sarah Cook defends her title vs Jessamyn Duke and both of these ladies are confident and ready. Jared Combs vs Tyson Triplett,Dereck Weisenburger vs Nick Noe, Chris Smith vs Dallas Woods the list goes on and on. I will be doing the play by play color commentary with my cageside homie Brian Furby. As well as post fight interviews with all the winners. Fights will be broadcast on for those who cant make it to Florence for this awesome mixed martial arts event. The wait is over the time has come, Lets do this shit!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

AAMMA--APRIL 2ND Commercial.

I can't wait!

UFC Fight Night 24 Post fight thoughts

So nothing went down the way I thought it would at UFC Fight Night 24,But that is the story of my life. I am not entirely unhappy with the results tho. Aside from my friend Waylon Lowe getting caught in a third round choke of a fight he was winning.

I was very impressed with Morecraft. Mcorkle should have tapped and saved himself the embarrassment of being choked out on his feet.
The Korean Zombie made a statement against his old rival Leonard Garcia, beating him up on the feet and then scoring the first ever "twister" submission ever seen in the UFC. That shit was sweet too. It was the most exciting part of the night for me.

Amir Sadollah feasted on DaMarques Johnson not quite being in top competition after fighting on two weeks notice. The former The Ultimate Fighter winner outclassed Johnson by a wide margin in the second round after Johnson faded early. Whatever the reason tho Amir looked good in this fight. I have never really been a fan, But now I look forward to his next bout.

Anthony Johnson proved me wrong. Ring rust and the 40lb weight cut did not effect his performance. He layed on Hardy for 3 rounds and re-emerged as a potential contender in the UFC's welterweight division. I really do not ever see Dana giving him a shot tho unless he finishes fights.

To quote other sites Davis looked good not great last night. Davis took a unanimous decision 30-27 win over Antonio Rogerio Nogueira but looks less like a threat after the win.

It was the only fight I got right last night and I still was not happy with it. Davis could not even start to finish this fight. I do not think Nog was hurt at all after the fight. Lay and pray is killing our sport. There I said it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

UFC Fight Night 24 weigh-in results


•Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (206) vs. Phil Davis (206)
•Dan Hardy (171) vs. Anthony Johnson (171)
•DaMarques Johnson (171) vs. Amir Sadollah (170)
•Leonard Garcia (145) vs. Chan Sung Jung (146)


•Jon Madsen (261) vs. Mike Russow (256)
•Alex Caceres (146) vs. Mackens Semerzier (146)
•John Hathaway (171) vs. Kris McCray (170)
•Edwin Figueroa (136) vs. Michael McDonald (135)
•Sean McCorkle (266) vs. Christian Morecraft (265)


•Johny Hendricks (170) vs. T.J. Waldburger (170)
•Mario Miranda (185) vs. Aaron Simpson (185)
•Nik Lentz (155) vs. Waylon Lowe (156)

UFC Fight Night 24 picks and preview

The UFC production team makes the cross-country trek for the second show in seven days as UFC Fight Night 24 hits Spike TV from the Pacific Northwest just a week after UFC 128 rocked New Jersey.
While the card has undergone a number of changes since the original lineup was announced, each shift has made the event better. I am going to give some quick thoughts on the match ups and my picks for the night. Here we go.

Waylon Lowe (10-3-0) vs. Nik Lentz (20-3-2)

Lentz is one of few fighters in the sport who actually fits his nickname to a tee; the dude looks like a “Carny,” which is probably where he got the name in the first place.
Waylon is a personal friend of mine tho, So I am bias here. Both are top-control wrestlers who don’t do much other than work for top control and stay in place once they’re there. But Waylon has some guns on him and that country boy hits HARD. I am hoping Lowe gets his first UFC knock out.

Sean McCorkle (10-1-0) vs. Christian Morecraft (6-1-0)

“Big Sexy” hasn’t been as prominent in the news since Stefan Struve handed him the first loss of his career back at UFC 124. He’s still offering up gold on Twitter and The UG pretty regularly, but the spotlight has faded and now he needs a win over Morecraft to keep his name in the news for more legitimate reasons.

Morecraft is the cousin of local ammy fighter Adam Prince. Morecraft lost to Struve last time out as well, though he acquitted himself quite well before catching the gigantic Dutchman’s fist with his face 21 seconds into the second round. The Massachusetts native dominated Struve in the opening frame, coming close to putting away the emerging heavyweight prospect with some heavy ground-and-pound. I don't really have a pick for this fight,But I can't wait to see it.

John Hathaway (14-1-0) vs. Kris McCray (5-2-0)

I don’t really agree with the thinking that you can learn more from a loss than you can a win, but I do believe that fading from the spotlight after his loss to Mike Pyle is a positive for Hathaway. Kinda a must win for both guys, But I'm going with Hathaway on this one.

Alex Caceres (4-2-0) vs. Mackens Semerzier (5-3-0)

With each passing fight, Semerzier’s upset win over Wagnney Fabiano is looking more and more like an aberration. He’s dropped three straight since catching the BJJ black belt in a triangle in his WEC debut, and is unquestionably looking at a must-win scenario as he officially welcomes “Bruce Leroy” to the UFC.

I’m really looking forward to this one because I’m always curious to see how kids like Caceres handle themselves inside the Octagon once the TUF cameras are done rolling. He earned himself a lot of prime time exposure with his “Bruce Leroy” stylings and acerbic way of interacting with is fellow cast mates, but now Caceres needs to show he’s more than just a persona. And even tho he is kind of a douche, I always find myself cheering for him. Leroy by sub in the 2nd.

Leonard Garcia (15-7-1) vs. Chan Sung Jung (10-3-0)

The first time these two met may have been one of the best fights I have ever seen.
Jung became an overnight sensation in North America with his truly zombie-like performance the first time around with Garcia, but followed it up by getting knocked out by a perfectly timed headkick from Roop. As cool as his nickname and walkout t-shirts may be, Jung is officially 1-3 in his last four fights, and has sworn to employ a more measured, less chaotic style moving forward. And even tho I think he should have won the first fight, I do not think he will this time around. I look for less fireworks this time and see Garcia getting the win.

Amir Sadollah (4-2-0) vs. DaMarques Johnson (8-3-0)

I really could care less about this fight. I always believed Johnson would end up being the best of the bunch coming out of the welterweight pack on TUF 9, and that seems to be the case.
Johnson gets the W here.

Dan Hardy (23-8-0, 1 NC) vs. Anthony Johnson (8-3-0)

Johnson is coming into this fight after a 16-month layoff that included knee surgery.
As always, the question of the hour with Johnson is his weight and conditioning; that’s what happens when you miss weight twice in a seven-fight span and walk around north of 220 pounds between fights. I’m no doctor, but cutting upwards of 23 percent of your body weight repeatedly can’t be easy and definitely isn’t good for you. Yet Johnson insists on fighting at the 170 pound limit. He has missed weight twice before. That along with the ring rust (That is a real thing) and the fact that he is fighting a very hungry Dan Hardy = a bad night for Johnson.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (19-4-0) vs. Phil Davis (8-0-0)

I met little Nog once. It was the day before his bout with Ryan Bader. I remember thinking how beat up he looked. His brother is a legend in the sport and I believe that is the only reason Lil Nog is in the UFC. I think Davis is one of the most under rated fighters in the 205 div. And I think this will be the night he becomes a star. Mark my words Davis is going places.

Well there you have it kids. Thanks for reading my shit and please give me some feedback. Enjoy the fights everybody!

Cage Passion Radio 3-25-11

Did Cage passion Radio with Billy Donovan and Parag Patel from Absolute Action MMA last night. Fighters Derrick Weisenberger and Jessamyn Duke both on the show.
Check it out.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Back

Ok guys so about 1 year ago I lost interest in blogging, But now I'm back! I will use this blog as a place to rant about all things MMA. I will Tweet links to posts via my Twitter account and look forward to getting feedback. Thanks everyone.