Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Self Defense move of the week

Self Defense Technique: Breaking Fingers -
Alright I know this sounds gruesome and but man is it a powerful move. If you are in a real life self defense scenario then do whatever it takes to survive. This won’t knockout your opponent but they will certainly be distracted by the severe pain and just sight of their broken finger to let you run away.

How to break a finger:
Although bones are strong breaking a finger is relatively easy and can be done by even much smaller defenders. Grab any finger, not the thumb, like you are grasping a bike handle bar and jerk the finger in the opposite direction of the joint. Side to Side or Backwards it doesn’t matter. Use the joint as a pivot and break it like a twig.
There aren’t any downsides to this move and can be great if you are tied up or on the ground with an attacker. Make sure that you don’t kind of jerk the finger. If you put all your strength in it and have a solid grip using your palm to drive it down the finger should snap rather easily.

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