Saturday, August 29, 2009

Turtle's picks for UFC 102

I am posting this alittle late so I'll be short and sweet. My picks are as follows..


I know some of you are looking at my main event picks like, Really? But,thats how I see it. I really hate going against Marquardt that fight is what I look forward to the most. Enjoy the fights guys.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anderson Silva Sparring at Wild Card Boxing Club

Anderson Silva shows off his boxing skills against a local pugilist at Freddie Roach's boxing club.
This segment is from "Training at Wild Card", an exclusive 40-minute documentary found only on Anderson's "Boxing for MMA". Thanks Cagepotato

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Are the days of WEC numbered?

During todays UFC 102 pre fight presser Dana White was asked about the addition of new weight classes in the UFC. His reply was that lower weight classes would be added.
When asked when he replied soon.

He was also asked about a merger between WEC and the UFC, He repeatedly avoided the question with a laugh.
This brings me and everyone that seen the press conference to believe that the two will merge soon.
I believe that you will hear about this for sure sometime before UFC 103.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Randy Couture UFC 102 Vlog

If you have not already seen it here it is. Sorry I'm late lol

Keith Jardine's first loss

Keith Jardine's first loss came in his third pro fight back in February 2002, against MMA ironman Travis Wiuff in the quarterfinals of an Extreme Challenge eight-man heavyweight tournament in Iowa. Coincidentally, it was Wiuff's third fight as well, and it took Diesel just six seconds to claim a victory via straight-right directly on Jardine's off-button. The video is above, and the action starts at the 2:18 mark. Wiuff would go on to lose to Mike Radnov in the semis, while Radnov lost to tournament-winner Ben Rothwell in the finals.

Following the Wiuff fight, Jardine went on a 6-0-1 run, joined the second season of The Ultimate Fighter, and quickly found himself in marquee fights against Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, and Quinton Jackson. This Saturday, he'll take on Thiago Silva at UFC 102. If you believe in streaks, then the Dean of Mean has this one wrapped up. And of course, if he ever decides to walk out to the cage as Techno Viking, he'll be unstoppable.

A-Team movie casts Rampage Jackson as B.A. Baracus

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has landed the role of B.A. Baracus in the upcoming feature film “The A-Team,” which is currently in production and tentatively scheduled for 2010 release.

He will share the silver screen with Liam Neeson (Col. John “Hannibal”) and Bradley Cooper (Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck) in the 20th Century Fox-produced movie. The “Murdock” character has yet to be cast.

“A-Team,” while certainly the most high profile, is not the first acting gig for Jackson. He has appeared in “Confessions of a Pit Fighter,” “Bad Guys” and “The Midnight Meat Train,” as well as an episode of “The King of Queens.”

Jackson recently completed taping for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter (10) on Spike TV, which is set to debut after UFC Fight Night 19 on Sept. 16. He served as a coach opposite his new-found arch enemy, Rashad Evans. He will then have the opportunity to settle his score with “Sugar” at UFC 107 in Memphis, Tenn., on Dec 12.

UPDATE:It seems this report was bullshit. Sorry guys I just post what I read and it seems alot of MMA blogs and sites were fooled by this.

Unfortunately, this means that the role of B.A. Baracus will probably go to a rapper like 50 Cent or The Game, who just don't have the same gruff, opinionated vibe as Mr. T. Not casting Rampage feels like a missed opportunity. Anybody want to launch a petition to convince The A-Team's producers to give him the role?

Monday, August 24, 2009

New WWE Champ?

Floyd Mayweather was not the only celeb on WWE tonight. Vince McMahan announced the WWE has signed former Sesame Street alum Cookie Monster.
The Cookie Monster could be just what the WWE needs to bolster PPV buys. A match could be in the works against the 8 ft 550lb Big Bird. We will keep you posted.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Diego Sanchez Offered UFC 105 Title Fight With BJ Penn

With the UFC headed back to the UK for UFC 105 in October, the card is beginning to take shape and it appears a lightweight title fight between Diego Sanchez and BJ Penn could be headlining the event.

A source close to Diego Sanchez has confirmed to Fighters Only that he has been offered a fight with BJ Penn at UFC 105.

“The fight has been put on the table,” the source said last night. “But nothing has been signed and nothing is confirmed at this stage.”

Sanchez is the top contender in the lightweight division following Kenny Florian’s unsuccessful title challenge earlier this month.

Florian lasted four rounds before being taken down and eventually submitted by Penn, who has not lost at lightweight since 2002.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Belfort looks past Franklin

Although former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort is slated to take on Rich Franklin at UFC 103 on September 19th, he’s already looking forward to a potential showdown with the baddest 185-pounder to ever set foot in an Octagon in middleweight king Anderson Silva.

“Anderson is a great friend of mine and a big champion but I’m looking for this [fight to happen],” Belfort told OUL Esporte of Brazil. “I cannot comment much on this right now but yeah, I always want to fight the best fighters. Of course it won’t be a pleasure [being Silva’s friend] but there isn’t another way at all in the sport. Kaka and Ronaldinho (Brazilian soccer players) are friends and have faced each other many times. It is part of my work and I need it to afford milk to the children at home.”

Belfort hasn’t set foot inside an Octagon since he dropped a split decision to Tito Ortiz at UFC 51 back in February of 2005, however that didn’t stop UFC president Dana White from wanting to bring back one of the most talented fighters they have employed.

Silva is fresh off his dominating 3:23 second knockout of former champ Forrest Griffin at UFC 101 in a light heavyweight affair. After that performance, there aren’t many jumping at the chance to take on MMA’s most efficient striker, however Belfort says that he is down.

“It would be a great honor to fight Anderson,” Belfort respectfully stated. “He’s one of the best to ever fight and I want to test my skills against the world’s best.”

Well Belfort is about to fight one of the world's best in Franklin. Franklin has become a master of killing people's dreams of fighting Silva.
You are back in the big leagues now Belfort. Nobody rides for free.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nevada Athletic Commission Approves Instant Replay for MMA

According to a new rule passed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission Wednesday, referees in Nevada now have the opportunity to get a second look at a fight's end to determine its legality.

The final wording as passed: "A referee at the conclusion of a contest or exhibition stopped immediately due to an injury to an unarmed combatant pursuant to NAC 467.718 and after making a decision, may view a replay if available in order to determine whether the injury in question was caused a legal blow or a foul."

The rule addresses several controversial stoppages in recent history where a fighter lost a contest because the referee couldn't see an injury that forced a bout's stoppage.

A referee may now use instant replay to determine whether the action that caused the injury was legal or a foul and make a decision on the fight's result. Only a referee can decide whether to order a replay
The ruling could take effect in as little as 30 days.

This is something that I personally have worked hard to make happen thru letters,e-mails and signed petitions. So it feels like a personal victory for me.
Not the point deduction for eye pokes I wanted but still nice.

Fans will remember the controversy that followed the first Kevin Burns vs Anthony Johnson bout at UFC Fight Night 14 in July 2008. Burns repeatedly poked Johnson in the eye and ultimately was awarded a TKO win immediately after a brutal poke right in the eye that necessitated surgery for a detached retina. The NSAC ruled shortly afterwards that they had no mechanism in place for overturning a fight outcome in such an instance.

Happily Johnson got his revenge with a KO victory at the TUF 8 season finale.

*note Thanks to Vaila Heideman "Rich Franklin's mom" and Intimidation cage fighting.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

He is coming

Strikeforce does a good job.

Sorry Dana but I watched every second of Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg last night. I must say I liked what I saw.
I didn't care much for the people doing color or for the lack of Bruce Buffer. On the other hand I liked the way they brought the fighters in and I am a huge fan of the post fight stats.

They did the best they could promoting Fedor considering they don't own the rights to any fight footage of him.

As for the fights what was billed as the biggest fight in female MMA history didn't disappoint.
With a live Showtime audience and unparalleled media attention, Santos took control in the striking department early in the fight. Carano hung tough for the first few minutes of the scheduled five-rounder and landed more than a couple solid shots. She also masterfully escaped from ankle-lock and keylock submission attempts but couldn't maintain the few times she garnered dominant ground positions.

Carano, though, turned up the power late in the round.

After Carano landed on her back, Santos stood over her opponent and rained down a series of blows. While initially covering up, Carano's defenses weakened as the timekeeper signaled the 10-second warning. With the seconds ticking by, referee Josh Rosenthal warned Carano to fight back as she absorbed a steady stream of punches. But a split second before the round ended, he waved off the fight and awarded Santos the TKO victory.

The official stoppage came at 4:59 of that opening frame.

While there was some initial confusion over whether or not Carano had been saved by the bell, the end was evident when her corner man, UFC legend Randy Couture, entered the cage to tend to the fighter.

In the night's co-main event, which featured two of the sport's most successful fighters of late, few could have predicted such a lopsided and swift finish. But for those who have seen Gegard Mousasi in recent action, another dominating performance probably won't come as much of a surprise.
Mousasi never broke a sweat after taking Sobral to the mat and unloading a dozen blows, each of which connected flush. Sobral was knocked out cold midway through the barrage and re-awoke from another blow just before the referee called a stop to the fight.

The TKO stoppage came just 60 seconds into the first round.

Overall I thought it was a good show and very well done.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg" official weigh-in results

Most notably, headliners and championship hopefuls Gina Carano and Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, who both have struggled making weight in the past, comfortably made the 145-pound limit. Santos weighed 144.5 pounds, and Carano tipped the scale at 143.
In fact, the only fighter who didn't initially make weight was late substitute Jesse Taylor, who replaced Nick Diaz (in a fight with Jay Hieron) on just a week's notice. He weighed 172 pounds on his first attempt but successfully got down to 169.5 pound on his second try.

The full weigh-in results included:

Gina Carano (143) vs. Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos (144.5)
Champ Renato "Babalu" Sobral (201) vs. Gegard Mousasi (204)
Champ Gilbert Melendez (155) vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida (155)
Mike Kyle (219) vs. Fabricio Werdum (228)
Jay Hieron (169) vs. Jesse Taylor (169.5)*

Mike Cook (205) vs. Scott Lighty (202)
David "Tarzan" Douglas (156) vs. Justin Wilcox (154)
Zak Bucia (170) vs. James Terry (169)
Isaiah Hill (156) vs. Alex Trevino (156)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

UFC fighter Matt Brown hosts Saturday fundraiser in Ohio for ailing father

UFC fighter and Ohio native Matt Brown is hosting a pig-roast fundraiser in Jamestown, Ohio, on Saturday for the James Brown Medical Fund.

James Brown, Matt's father, is struggling with acute myeloid leukemia, complicated by diabetes and heart failure from a recent chemotherapy session. His health insurance ended last year.

Saturday's event, which is open to the public, includes a full slate of activities as well as an auction with UFC-related items, including some autographed by Brown and fellow UFC fighter Forrest Griffin.

The event takes place from noon to 10 p.m. at Morris' Pond on Cottonwood Road in Jamestown with food (two pigs will be roasted), six live bands, kids games, pony rides, a cornhole tournament, bikini carwash and other activities. Alcoholic beverages will not be provided, so the event is BYOB. Attendees don't need to bring anything, though everyone is welcome to bring a favorite dish to share with fellow partygoers.

Brown simply hopes the small-town event can bring some much-needed help to the family.

"It's been tough," said Brown, who learned his father was seriously ill just a week after a scheduled June bout with Anthony Johnson fell through. "It worked out well that the fight didn't take place."

Brown said his dad has always been proud of his fighting career, which included a successful stint on "The Ultimate Fighter 7" and a 3-1 record in the UFC.

"He was really happy I was doing something with my life besides going to jail and getting drunk everyday," Brown said. "He was supportive ... and saw the positive impact it had (on me)."

He's now hoping the fight community can rally around his father, a former machine-shop owner who initially was told he had only two weeks to live. Now slowly doing better, though, the medical bills are starting to mount.

Donations can be made at the event or at any area Security National Bank or Huntington Bank. (Ask for the "James Brown Medical Fund.) Paypal donations can also be made to or at

Brown, who recently returned from his new home in Las Vegas to be with his father, said he continues to train and anticipates a return to the octagon this fall.

The ladies get ready to hit the scale

Weigh-ins for Saturday's "Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg" event take place Friday at the San Jose Marriott Hotel in downtown San Jose, Calif..

As with most Strikeforce events, the weigh-ins are free and open to the public. Additionally, HDNet's "Inside MMA" will broadcast live from the event.

The first fighter is slated to hit the scale Friday at 4 p.m. PT.

The proceeding will take place in Salons I, II and III at the Marriott, which is located at 301 S. Market St. in downtown San Jose, Calif. For more information, call (408) 280-1300.

While Saturday's Strikeforce fight card has undergone a rash of changes in the weeks leading up to the event, the Showtime-televised event will still feature three world title fights, including the organization's first-ever women's championship between main-event fighters Gina Carano and Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos.

Strikeforce lightweight champion Josh Thomson and MMA pioneer Frank Shamrock will join "Inside MMA" hosts Bas Rutten, Kenny Rice and Ron Kruck to analyze the "Carano vs. Cyborg" event and witness the weigh-ins.

Gina Carano vs. Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos (for Strikeforce women's 145-pound title)
Jay Hieron vs. Jesse Taylor
Champ Renato "Babalu" Sobral vs. Gegard Mousasi (for Strikeforce light heavyweight title)
Champ Gilbert Melendez vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida (for Strikeforce interim lightweight title)
Mike Kyle vs. Fabricio Werdum
Mike Cook vs. Scott Lighty
David "Tarzan" Douglas vs. Justin Wilcox
Zak Bucia vs. James Terry
Isaiah Hill vs. Alex Trevino

Turtle's MMA Spot will post the weigh-in results tomorrow night.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Florian says he was one mistake away from the win.

UFC 101: Kenny Florian believes that he was in the fight against B.J. Penn. If not for the crucial fourth round takedown Penn scored, Florian could've won the fight.

Summer 2009 best lb.4 lb.

After a crazy weekend of fights this is my up to date best pound for pound fighter list.

1.)Georges St. Pierre
2.)Anderson Silva
3.)BJ Penn
4.)Lyoto Machida
5.)Fedor Emelianenko

I know alot of you do not agree with me so go ahead and flame me. This is how I see it.

New champ Brian Bowles

LAS VEGAS – Unfortunately for Miguel Torres, the debate over his standing in the worldwide pound-for-pound fighter rankings, a potential move up in weight class, and fantasy matchmaking with other WEC champs have been put on ice.

Challenger Brian Bowles derailed the former bantamweight kingpin's future plans with a stunning first-round knockout in the main event of Sunday's WEC 42 event.

The upset special snapped Torres' impressive 17-fight win streak and shocked me Torres is one of my favorite fighters and I looked for him to shine in this fight.

But despite the lowkey fighter's undefeated record and knack for finishing opponents, few gave Bowles much of a chance heading into Sunday's event. Oddsmakers tapped him a 3-to-1 underdog, and many fight fans were already discussing Torres potential next opponent before the Bowles fight, originally scheduled for April but postponed because of a back injury sustained by the challenger, even took place.

But the 29-year-old Hardcore Gym fighter needed less than four minutes to topple the mighty ex-champ.

Bowles, who traded big blows with the champ in the opening minutes of the bout, struck early with a right hand that wobbled Torres. The champ recovered, but Bowles struck again later in the round while countering a flurry. Torres hit the mat, and Bowles unloaded a barrage of blows until referee Josh Rosenthal could allow no more and awarded the TKO victory.

Thats why I love this sport, You never know what can happen on any given night.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

UFC 101 Results

Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin


Round 1

Griffin tries for the promised head kick to start, and misses by a mile. They’re both feeling each other out and taking it easy. Silva catches a Griffin kick and almost puts him on his ass afterwards. Silva bobs and weaves his way in and drops Forrest with a right hand. Griffin gets back up and Silva is damn near mocking him now. He drops Griffin again and adds a few strikes on the ground, then offers his hand to help him up just like he did with Patrick Cote. Now Silva has his hands by his waist, imploring Griffin to come in and attack him. Griffin seems displeased with being somewhat mocked. Silva avoids all his punches and backpedals away, catching Forrest with a short right in response that drops him. That’s it, Griffin is done. He wants no more of this Anderson Silva Jedi striking attack, and you can’t blame him.

Silva runs around celebrating his most dominant victory in recent memory, while Griffin immediately gets up and leaves the cage. I am told Griffin had his jaw dislocated early in the fight and left cuz he needed medical attention asap.
Silva is a scary dude bottem line.

BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian

Round 1

Penn starts fast, coming right after KenFlo. A right from Penn briefly drops Florian. Kenny keeps circling around the perimeter and Penn keeps cutting him off. They clinch against the cage and Penn seems much stronger than Florian. Florian tries for a body lock takedown but Penn avoids it easily. Florian shoots for a single-leg, and already we’re talking about whether Penn is gassed. He isn’t. Everyone calm down. Penn drops Florian again with a punch and follows with a knee. He barely lasts through the round.

Round 2

Florian tries some leg kicks to start the second and then presses Penn against the fence. He’s not really working for a takedown, and not doing a lot of striking. It’s like he’s just trying to stay out of punching range. Penn gets warned for a punch to the back of Florian’s head. Florian tries for a single-leg and they’re back in the clinch. Penn lands a good uppercut that wobbles Florian. Florian finishes the round with a few decent leg kicks. Is it possible he won that round?

Round 3

Florian throws out a couple head kicks with nothing to show, then it’s back to the clinch against the fence. Florian seems to be working a little more diligently for the takedown, but Penn is completely unconcerned. They separate and Penn unleashes a few hard punches. Whenever they begin to trade Florian seems like he’s always one punch away from getting KO’d. At the moment, however, Florian is the one who’s dictating the pace. Penn seems increasingly frustrated. Florian tries two straight Superman punches and gets tagged for his trouble at the end of the round.

Round 4

Penn hurts Florian with a left hand in close and Florian responds by clinching again. Now Penn turns the takedown attempt on Florian, scooping him up and slamming him down. Penn works out of Florian’s half-guard and lands some decent elbows. Penn passes and gets to mount. Florian gives up his back and Penn softens him up with some heel strikes to the gut. Penn sinks in the rear naked choke and Florian can’t fight it off. He taps with just over a minute left in the fourth.

BJ Penn def. Kenny Florian via submission (rear naked choke) to retain his UFC lightweight title and regains my respect in the cage. Now if he can just keep his mouth shut outside the cage.

The crowd in Philly

"90% of the crowd is watching a fight in the crowds"

-- Joe Rogan during Aaron Riley vs. Shane Nelson

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

UFC 101 weigh-in results

B.J. Penn (155) vs. Kenny Florian (155)
Anderson Silva (205) vs. Forrest Griffin (205)
Amir Sadollah (166.5) vs. Johny Hendricks (171)
Kendall Grove (185.5) vs. Ricardo Almeida (185)
Kurt Pellegrino (154.5) vs. Josh Neer (155.5)
Shane Nelson (156) vs. Aaron Riley (154)
Tamdan McCrory (170) vs. John Howard (169.5)
Thales Leites (185) vs. Alessio Sakara (185.5)
Matt Riddle (170) vs. Dan Cramer (169.5)
George Sotiropoulos (155) vs. George Roop (154)
Jesse Lennox (171) vs. Danillo Villefort (170.25)

UFC 101 Turtle's picks

Overall UFC 101 is not a spectacular card. The 2 main event fights are worth the PPV buy tho.

I'll start with the main event for the welterweight title. Let me first say I think BJ Penn is a douche. Don't get me started on greasegate and now it seems he still has GSP on the brain claiming GSP does steroids (but that is just his opinion) and just days before his title defense with Ken-Flo.
The pressure is on Penn in this fight and I think you may see the end of the Penn era at 101. I'm going with Ken-Flo by sub in the 3rd.

Now the fight that is really making you buy the PPV.

I think we all know this fight boils down to what Anderson Silva shows up. Is it me or has Silva become kinda cocky as of late?
I mean he is now calling himself the best fighter in the world. Well if he beats Griffin I just may agree but thats a big IF.
I know you hear this every Silva fight but if Forrest can keep this fight on the ground and stay out of the guard I see him getting the win.
I can also see Anderson overwhelming forrest very quikly too.

I am cheering for Griffin all night but, my pick is Anderson by TKO in the 2nd.

My other picks are Sadollah,Grove and Pellegrino

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All I have to say about Fedor

I guess to make up for all the “Fedor / the UFC is gonna kill Strikeforce” talk, some outlets have been running the interesting idea that upon closer inspection, Strikeforce’s heavyweight division is just as stacked as the UFC’s. Here’s Jake Rossen again:

"Setting aside interdivisional fights with Anderson Silva or Lyoto Machida — which would be lots of fun for spectators — the UFC really has only three upper-tier heavyweights with the skills to potentially give Emelianenko a hard time: Lesnar, Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez. Three.

Strikeforce can match the ante with Alistair Overeem, Brett Rogers and some kind of wild-card entrant: Bobby Lashley, Blagoi Ivanov, perhaps even Josh Barnett.

The notion that Strikeforce employs air-conditioning repairmen and the UFC enlists only Olympic-caliber athletes is pushing the envelope; I’d almost sooner see Emelianenko go on a free-agent tear for a year or two before settling in with the UFC, considering that the promotion’s asphyxiating contracts invite retirement at their conclusions."

The problem here is that Rossen only lists UFC fighters he thinks has a chance of beating Fedor while his Strikeforce list happily features not only fighters Fedor would starch, but fighters Fedor would starch that aren’t even in the promotion. And you start to realize how thin the free agent situation is when the best Rossen can think of is Blobby Lay’n'Pray, Broken Hands Blagoi, and Juice Barnett.

The idea that Fedor fights against Alistair Overeem or Brett Rogers are equal to Fedor bouts against Brock, Randy, and even Mirko is laughable. Fedor is the best so of course he’s going to be the favorite in most fights. Past that all you can do is find interesting and compelling competition that people give a shit about. I give a shit about Alistair Overeem and Brett Rogers, but I’m an MMA blogger. And even then, these fights excite me about as much as seeing some fat chick’s muffin top oozing over her stretch pants. I’ll take a look because I’m desperate and horny, but it really doesn’t do much for me.

Let’s face it: Right now all the boner inducing Fedor fights are in the UFC. Even if you buy into the idea that the UFC only has as many good fights as Strikeforce does, the UFC’s good fights make Strikeforce’s good fights look like shit fights. That’s not to say Strikeforce can’t turn things around … Cris Cyborg busted outta nowhere to become Gina Carano’s perfect opponent, and one epic performance from Overeem or Rogers or hey even Arlovski (a Strikeforce heavyweight that didn’t make it on anyone’s potential opponent list) could do the same. But it’s gonna take a whole lot of building and some miracles in the cage before anyone really gives a shit about the competition Fedor could face in Strikeforce.I think Fedor is an overated douche who chose to sign with Strikeforce simply cuz there is a better chance of him winning there. And thats all I have to say about Fedor.

GSP: “I Put My Money on [Kenny Florian] Against BJ Penn”

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has gone on the record with his prediction for the lightweight title match between champion BJ Penn and challenger Kenny Florian at UFC 101 this weekend inside the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I put my money on [Kenny Florian] against BJ Penn,” GSP stated.

It’s no secret that St-Pierre isn’t Penn’s biggest fan as they have squared off against one another twice inside the UFC’s Octagon.

Although GSP beat Penn both times, including a thrashing at UFC 94 earlier this year, the Hawaiian was still calling for a third bout between the pair after controversy ensued after their 5Round affair.

Penn told the media that it was Florian who first put him onto St-Pierre’s usage of Vaseline to gain an advantage over his opponents during fights. And it was that reason, and pretty much that reason alone, that Penn felt he lost the highly publicized match-up.

GSP didn’t believe a word Penn was saying, and felt disrespected that Penn would try to tarnish such a magical moment with false accusations.

So St-Pierre got back at Penn the best way that he knew how, show the light heavyweight top contender the tricks of the trade when it comes to fighting BJ.

“Kenny Florian is a great training partner, and is going to be a great champion, and he’s also a greater person and human being,” St-Pierre went on to say.

Although this will be Florian’s second 155-pound title fight, it will be his first against a fighter the caliber of Penn. The Bostonian will need all the support he can get, so don’t be surprised to see St-Pierre front and center, cheering his new training partner on. I myself will also be cheering on Ken-Flo just cuz I think Penn is an ass clown.

Joachim Hansen vs. Shinya Aoki III Officially Announced for Dream.11

Fresh off his Dream.10 win, Shinya Aoki will get first crack at Dream lightweight champion Joachim Hansen’s title. With each holding an impressive win over the other, Dream.11 just got very interesting.

This should come as no surprise as Aoki pretty much announced the figth following his unexpected stand-up battle against Vitor Ribeiro last month.

“In October, I’ll have a title fight and…I will have my revenge,” stated the crafty grappler.

Hansen captured the lightweight crown when he slapped the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wizard silly in their most recent tussle at Dream.5 last July. However, Aoki had the upper hand going into that scrap after he caught Hansen in a wicked gogoplata at “Pride: Shockwave 2006.”

Hansen was set to pop the cherry on his belt against Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante last December, however was forced to pull out at the 11th hour after he was hospitalized for concussions.

Word on the street is that he’s good to go now and has been training with his team in Norway.

Turtle is back

I have not posted on this blog for some time now. I have been posting MMA updates on Twitter. With everything that has gone on recently in the world of MMA I figure this blog will go hand in hand with my Twitter posts. I am just one guy who is a huge MMA fan and this is my blog. Enjoy