Saturday, January 31, 2009

MMA Fans Should Watch MMA Live tonight

MMA Live is doing hour-long pre and post-show episodes live from Las Vegas, and I hope everyone tunes in. I almost never respond to getting these kinds of things in my email, but there is a good reason for fans to tune in here. The first show is on at 9 eastern, and then back again after the show.

The people at MMA Live are working hard to get their show on the air on ESPN 2, but they face an uphill battle because the brass at the station doesn't necessarily love the sport. The only way this show will ever get on the air is if the online viewing numbers are so impressive that the people in charge there have no choice but to put it on.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Wanderlei Silva drops down to middleweight

ESPN's Franklin McNeil reported on MMA Live's weigh-in special that Wanderlei Silva will finally take the plunge down to middleweight. Silva made the decision after going 1-3 in his last three fights at 205.

The move makes a lot of sense. Silva still hits hard as evidenced in the Keith Jardine fight, but he made his name in Japan where weight cutting is not as sophisticated or prolific.

I'd like to see Zuffa give Wanderlei the Anderson Silva treatment and throw him in with Chris Leben. Silva's gone through a who's who of MMA over the past 5 years, and a fight with Leben should get him back on track in a new division.

Hendo is dirty and Dana knows it.

Thats right I said it. I have been saying ever since UFC 93 that Dan meant to poke Franklin in the eye. Everyone is saying I am salty cuz Rich is a friend of mine.
Look so Dan won the first 2 rounds.
In the 3rd and final round he was tired. Rich knew this and was the more fresh fighter. As I have said all along the fucking liver kicks hurt Hendo bad in the third. Real bad so bad he poked Franklin in the eye out of desperation to not take another one. Cuz he knew 1 more and he was done.
Still dont believe me?

Peep the Dana White blog released today. Pay attention to what is said in the part with Dan and Dana. White even threatens to POKE Dan in the ribs.

White knew the eye poke was fucked up but, he was more worried about the fact that there was only 5 mins left in PPV time than he was about Franklin's eye or career.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fedor Emelianenko vs Andrei Arlovski Full Fight

Affliction puts on a great show

First of all, this was a seriously great show. There's no point at all comparing UFC and Affliction, though fans will insist on it. Affliction delivers a different product to a different audience, and they do it well. I even enjoyed goofball Scott Farrell.

Green v. Lauzon: This was very entertaining barring all the kicks to the nuts. Actually, those were pretty entertaining too. Highlight was Green marking out for ODLH and Donald Trump.

Buentello v. Baby Fedor: Not a lot to take from this fight, other than training with Fedor isn't enough alone. Buentello just had too much experience, and while BF could take a lot, it was eventually too much.

Babalu v. Sokoudjou: Pretty enjoyable fight. The first round was slow, but Babalu fought through Sok's takedown defense to get a nice submission. Hard to say where either goes from here. Babalu could be heading back to Zuffa land soon, I don't see Tito ever fighting him.

Vitor Belfort v. Matt Lindland: Holy crap. What a win from Vitor, who took on a guy universally considered a top 3 middleweight. It has admittedly been a long time since Lindland did anything big at 185, but with this win Vitor reinvigorated his career. Rumor has it he is a free agent now, and if true I hope Zuffa pulls the trigger and brings him back.

Josh Barnett v. Gilbert Yvel: This was one of those fights that was never close, but was still pretty entertaining. Surprised Josh couldn't finish him, I think he kind of blew his wad trying to finish it at the end of round 1. Good heart from Yvel, but Josh was just too much. Josh-Fedor is an interesting fight, because I still think the best way to beat Fedor is to pick him apart on the feet. Can Josh do it? Maybe, but his striking is nowhere near Arlovski's.

Fedor Emelianenko v. Andrei Arlovski: What a tragic mistake by Arlovski. He was winning this fight; Fedor had no answers for his boxing, and Arlovski was able to neutralize the first takedown attempt in the clinch. Smart move actually going for a takedown instead of letting Fedor work for it. One mistake was one too many, Fedor caught him perfectly. He should have never left his feet. Andrei showed the way to beat Fedor: use straight punches and keep it standing. Unfortunately, no immediate challengers can punch on Andrei's level. I want a rematch more than I want to see Josh-Fedor.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


(this is a pic of Rich Franklin's eye after the poke)

First let me say I do agree Henderson won the first 2 rounds of UFC 93. Both rounds were very close tho. Then in the third Rich was pouring it on. Hendo was tired and the kicks to the body were going to finish him. Then it happened

With less than 40 seconds left Rich took a poke to the eye that dropped him. The ref said he had 2 mins to recover. The fight resumed but Hendo got 2 mins to recover too. The fight went to the judges and the rest is history.
I have seen over 100,000 fights and a poke to the eye hardly ever happens. You can say it was an accident but, What if it wasnt?
There is no point reduction for a fighter poking another fighter in the eye in the UFC. So what is to stop a fighter in a very important fight from just poking the other fighter in the eye and just sayin "my bad".
Also what most people do not know is that at the time this happened there was only 7 mins left in PPV time. So the UFC was panicing at the time.
Also Hendo has not said one word about this "accidental eye poke since it happened.
No sorry no anything.
This is the kind of careless thing that can end a fighter's career.
It was called a yellow card in Pride Dana. Look into it

Friday, January 16, 2009

We are Franklin fans bitches!!!

UFC 93 is tomorrow night!
As most of ya know Rich Franklin's family is like a 2nd family to me. So we are all pumped for Rich to win over Hendo. I can tell you Rich is very confident going in to this, So if he is then I am.
I have not posted much here cuz of some personal things I had going on but, I will be more often from here on.

Rich looked great today. Trust me this is Franklin's year.