Saturday, February 27, 2010

You know you want one.

I really really want this for Christmas!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

UFC 110 Post fight thoughts

Last nights UFC 110 card lived up to the hype. What a great night of fights this was. I had picked Bisping to win even, But I cheered for Wandy the fight. It was a great fight with both guys banging the whole time, But in the end the judges gave it to Silva and rightfully so. Go Wandy!

Cain and big Nog didn't turn out to be the war I thought it would be. Cain made short work of the legend with a big KO. The rest of the big boys should take notice Cain is not going anywhere.

Now bear with me cuz I'm about to go on a rant. Bonner was robbed last night.
Bonnar and Soszynski had engaged in two tightly contested rounds when an early exchange in the final frame saw the fighters clash heads. A gaping wound opened up on Bonnar's forehead, and referee John Sharp halted the contest on the advice of the cageside physician.

"It was a headbutt, and you know what the worst part is?" Bonnar asked in the post-fight press conference. "Take a close-up on this head. This cut is actually shaped like a 'K' for Krzysztof, so I now I've got to walk around with a scar in the shape of a 'K' on it.

"So yeah, I'm pissed off."

The bout was ruled a TKO as Sharp incorrectly determined that the laceration was caused from a legal strike.

This ref was awful from the start when Krzysztof was poked in the eye and made to just fight through it. Alot of people are saying it should have been ruled a NC.
That is not the case tho.

An appeal to the New South Wales Combat Sports Authority could result in a different ruling for Bonnar, as an inadvertent foul in the final round that leads directly to the end of the bout should be decided by the judges' scores through two rounds.

One more thing bothering me about this fight. At the end Krzysztof was wearing a brand of shirt called Skin.
I had never seen this brand on a fighter before. And the fact that Krzysztof is bald and covered in tattoos made me think skinhead.
I looked into the brand online. there are no hate messages on their site, But some of the shirts to have images of iron crosses.
I'm just saying the UFC should look into this. We cannot have hate groups advertising on the chests of pro fighters.
Also check out the pic of Krzysztof's eye at the post fight presser. OUCH

Friday, February 19, 2010

My picks for UFC 110

Not the greatest card in the world,But some hard fights to pick none the less. I think I have to go with Cain Velasquez over Nogueira. That is a hard one to pick and I could be wrong. I can't wait to see it.
As for the rest of the card I see it like this Bisping, Stevenson, Bader and I hope Bonner. I'd love to see Wandy win cuz I'm not a big Bisping fan. Bonner and Silva both need wins to stay relevant. I'll post my thoughts on the fights Tomorrow. And I'll be at The ICF 19 show in Florence Ky tomorrow before UFC goes live.

Franklin vs Couture at UFC 115?

As I stated earlier this week on Twitter there are reports that Rich will be fighting Couture at UFC 115 in Vancouver. ESPN finally said the same thing yesterday a full week after I broke the news. But we were both wrong it seems. I was told Randy is looking to fight in August so that would mean 115 is a no go. I do know Rich wants the fight with Randy. This fight IS going to happen but we will have to wait to see when.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My picks for UFC 109

I have not been blogging at all. I have been so busy so with UFC 109 being tonight and I snowed in here in Kentucky now is a good time.

There is a really good card tonight. The casual fan may see the fights as being one sided, But us hardcore guys know these are going to be some close fights tonight.

My picks for tonight's main fights are Couture,Marquardt,Thiago,Maia and Serra.

That being said I am rooting for Coleman tonight.

The prelims will aire on Spike TV tonight at 9pm and the big show starts at 10 on PPV.
Well thats it short and sweet. I'll be posting some of my articles on my blog here this week since I have some down time. Follow me on Twitter for updates or if you know me add me on facebook. Enjoy the fights.