Saturday, February 6, 2010

My picks for UFC 109

I have not been blogging at all. I have been so busy so with UFC 109 being tonight and I snowed in here in Kentucky now is a good time.

There is a really good card tonight. The casual fan may see the fights as being one sided, But us hardcore guys know these are going to be some close fights tonight.

My picks for tonight's main fights are Couture,Marquardt,Thiago,Maia and Serra.

That being said I am rooting for Coleman tonight.

The prelims will aire on Spike TV tonight at 9pm and the big show starts at 10 on PPV.
Well thats it short and sweet. I'll be posting some of my articles on my blog here this week since I have some down time. Follow me on Twitter for updates or if you know me add me on facebook. Enjoy the fights.

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