Friday, March 19, 2010

My picks for UFC on Versus

I was going to post my picks for UFC 111 today also. 111 is such an awesome card I will have to ponder it some more and post later this week.
The card for UFC on Versus is pretty damn good too. I'm going to jump right in and talk about the main event. Brandon the Truth Vera meets John Bones Jones at 205.
Brandon Vera is a tough guy, But to be honest most the time he bores the hell out of me. Jones on the other hand has always been exciting to watch so far. Jones has also teamed up with Greg Jackson so you know he is going in with a good game plan.
My pick John Jones TKO

Junior Dos Santos vs Gabriel Gonzaga

Junior is on a roll. Gonzaga has ko power when he can land,But Dos Santos is much more acurate. I don't see this lasting long.
My pick Junior Dos Santos KO

Cheick Kongo vs Paul Buentello

First off let me say Cheick Kongo is a dick. Haha Anyway.. Kongo's ground game sucks. I think Buentello has the better hands also. That being said this could turn into a long boring war. They both need the win tho so who knows.

My pick Paul Buentello decision

Alessio Sakara vs James Irvin

Irvin has had to much time off. I also hear he is havin a hard time cutting the weight. This is his first fight at 185.

My pick Alessio Sakara

Clay Guida vs Shannon Gugerty

My man Guida all day long. He needs the win and I think Gugerty is going down.

My pick Clay Guida

Ok so there it is. I look forward to watching this card Sunday. Sunday? Wow will be wierd to watch a live UFC on a Sunday. I LOVE IT

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