Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AAMMA 13 Post fight

This past Saturday night at the Midwest Sports complex was electric. All the fans rushed in from the rain and patiently waited in line for the doors to open. Once they got everyone in the door and the lights began to dim I started to get nervous. I was doing the commentary and post fight interviews. I never seem to worry about screwing that up until just before the show starts. The night of completion started off with the first three bouts not making it out of the first round. Then Skelton and tsunami went to war in what some people said was the fight of the night.
I think the show just kept getting better as the night went on. My Cage Passion Radio homies Mr. Billy Donovan and Dr.Parag Patel spared no expense on the production and the match making was top notch.
I want to thank Absolute Action MMA for allowing me to host the PPV broadcast. And I would like to thank my broadcast partner for most of the show pro fight Rob Nickerson. He did an awesome job and really knows his stuff. Also Cage Passion Fight wear of course for sponsoring the event. Also I want to give a shout out to Bluegrass MMA and Warcry Wear for sponsoring ammy fighters. Fighters at this level have a had time get sponsors so you guys stepping up is awesome in my book.

Fight of the night:

Robby Malof vs Chris Myers

I had to think long and hard on this because there were so many great bouts. I really enjoyed this fight not only because of the great BJJ on the part of Malof. But also because of the defense displayed by Myers. Robby was all over him in this fight and Chris refused to be finished. Myers took this fight on short notice but you couldn't tell. Robby Malof is yet another JG guy that is going places. I look forward to seeing both of these fighters in the cage again. Malof won by unanimous decision.

Submission of the night:

Doug Ballinger vs Jeremy Philpot

Lots of submissions happened Saturday night. Given that this bout was for the 145lb title and that these two had went to war so many times made this one stand out tho. Ballinger got a sweet armbar on Philpot at the 00:53 mark in the first round. Now both Ballinger's titles are vacant as he is making his pro debut June 4 in Lexington.

Knock out of the night:

George Oiler vs Dom Steele

This was not really a knock out it went down as a tap to strikes. From where I was sitting tho I seen it like this, Dom Steele was all over Oiler in this fight. During some ground and pound Oiler ended up with his nose busted and blood was covering both fighters. Dom clinched Oiler on the cage in front of our broadcast table and landed a high knee square in the face of Oiler. George fell to the ground and covered up and Steele was relentless with his stikes till Oiler tapped. I really feel it was the knee that did him in tho.

If you missed this show it sucks to be you. I had alot of fun and really enjoy seeing all my fight friends at these events. I look forward to AAMMA's summer tour and seeing new fighters and new fans. Be on the look out for new episodes of Cage Passion Radio because you never know when the dynamic duo are going to have another big announcement.

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