Friday, January 30, 2009

Hendo is dirty and Dana knows it.

Thats right I said it. I have been saying ever since UFC 93 that Dan meant to poke Franklin in the eye. Everyone is saying I am salty cuz Rich is a friend of mine.
Look so Dan won the first 2 rounds.
In the 3rd and final round he was tired. Rich knew this and was the more fresh fighter. As I have said all along the fucking liver kicks hurt Hendo bad in the third. Real bad so bad he poked Franklin in the eye out of desperation to not take another one. Cuz he knew 1 more and he was done.
Still dont believe me?

Peep the Dana White blog released today. Pay attention to what is said in the part with Dan and Dana. White even threatens to POKE Dan in the ribs.

White knew the eye poke was fucked up but, he was more worried about the fact that there was only 5 mins left in PPV time than he was about Franklin's eye or career.

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