Wednesday, January 21, 2009


(this is a pic of Rich Franklin's eye after the poke)

First let me say I do agree Henderson won the first 2 rounds of UFC 93. Both rounds were very close tho. Then in the third Rich was pouring it on. Hendo was tired and the kicks to the body were going to finish him. Then it happened

With less than 40 seconds left Rich took a poke to the eye that dropped him. The ref said he had 2 mins to recover. The fight resumed but Hendo got 2 mins to recover too. The fight went to the judges and the rest is history.
I have seen over 100,000 fights and a poke to the eye hardly ever happens. You can say it was an accident but, What if it wasnt?
There is no point reduction for a fighter poking another fighter in the eye in the UFC. So what is to stop a fighter in a very important fight from just poking the other fighter in the eye and just sayin "my bad".
Also what most people do not know is that at the time this happened there was only 7 mins left in PPV time. So the UFC was panicing at the time.
Also Hendo has not said one word about this "accidental eye poke since it happened.
No sorry no anything.
This is the kind of careless thing that can end a fighter's career.
It was called a yellow card in Pride Dana. Look into it

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