Sunday, August 9, 2009

UFC 101 Results

Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin


Round 1

Griffin tries for the promised head kick to start, and misses by a mile. They’re both feeling each other out and taking it easy. Silva catches a Griffin kick and almost puts him on his ass afterwards. Silva bobs and weaves his way in and drops Forrest with a right hand. Griffin gets back up and Silva is damn near mocking him now. He drops Griffin again and adds a few strikes on the ground, then offers his hand to help him up just like he did with Patrick Cote. Now Silva has his hands by his waist, imploring Griffin to come in and attack him. Griffin seems displeased with being somewhat mocked. Silva avoids all his punches and backpedals away, catching Forrest with a short right in response that drops him. That’s it, Griffin is done. He wants no more of this Anderson Silva Jedi striking attack, and you can’t blame him.

Silva runs around celebrating his most dominant victory in recent memory, while Griffin immediately gets up and leaves the cage. I am told Griffin had his jaw dislocated early in the fight and left cuz he needed medical attention asap.
Silva is a scary dude bottem line.

BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian

Round 1

Penn starts fast, coming right after KenFlo. A right from Penn briefly drops Florian. Kenny keeps circling around the perimeter and Penn keeps cutting him off. They clinch against the cage and Penn seems much stronger than Florian. Florian tries for a body lock takedown but Penn avoids it easily. Florian shoots for a single-leg, and already we’re talking about whether Penn is gassed. He isn’t. Everyone calm down. Penn drops Florian again with a punch and follows with a knee. He barely lasts through the round.

Round 2

Florian tries some leg kicks to start the second and then presses Penn against the fence. He’s not really working for a takedown, and not doing a lot of striking. It’s like he’s just trying to stay out of punching range. Penn gets warned for a punch to the back of Florian’s head. Florian tries for a single-leg and they’re back in the clinch. Penn lands a good uppercut that wobbles Florian. Florian finishes the round with a few decent leg kicks. Is it possible he won that round?

Round 3

Florian throws out a couple head kicks with nothing to show, then it’s back to the clinch against the fence. Florian seems to be working a little more diligently for the takedown, but Penn is completely unconcerned. They separate and Penn unleashes a few hard punches. Whenever they begin to trade Florian seems like he’s always one punch away from getting KO’d. At the moment, however, Florian is the one who’s dictating the pace. Penn seems increasingly frustrated. Florian tries two straight Superman punches and gets tagged for his trouble at the end of the round.

Round 4

Penn hurts Florian with a left hand in close and Florian responds by clinching again. Now Penn turns the takedown attempt on Florian, scooping him up and slamming him down. Penn works out of Florian’s half-guard and lands some decent elbows. Penn passes and gets to mount. Florian gives up his back and Penn softens him up with some heel strikes to the gut. Penn sinks in the rear naked choke and Florian can’t fight it off. He taps with just over a minute left in the fourth.

BJ Penn def. Kenny Florian via submission (rear naked choke) to retain his UFC lightweight title and regains my respect in the cage. Now if he can just keep his mouth shut outside the cage.

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