Friday, August 7, 2009

UFC 101 Turtle's picks

Overall UFC 101 is not a spectacular card. The 2 main event fights are worth the PPV buy tho.

I'll start with the main event for the welterweight title. Let me first say I think BJ Penn is a douche. Don't get me started on greasegate and now it seems he still has GSP on the brain claiming GSP does steroids (but that is just his opinion) and just days before his title defense with Ken-Flo.
The pressure is on Penn in this fight and I think you may see the end of the Penn era at 101. I'm going with Ken-Flo by sub in the 3rd.

Now the fight that is really making you buy the PPV.

I think we all know this fight boils down to what Anderson Silva shows up. Is it me or has Silva become kinda cocky as of late?
I mean he is now calling himself the best fighter in the world. Well if he beats Griffin I just may agree but thats a big IF.
I know you hear this every Silva fight but if Forrest can keep this fight on the ground and stay out of the guard I see him getting the win.
I can also see Anderson overwhelming forrest very quikly too.

I am cheering for Griffin all night but, my pick is Anderson by TKO in the 2nd.

My other picks are Sadollah,Grove and Pellegrino

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