Sunday, September 20, 2009

What just happened?

Ok so Franklin lost in a big way last night. All I can say is WTF?
It appeared Belfort grazed Rich behind his right ear wich threw off his equalibrium. Franklin ended up on all fours where his was struck with what looked like 2 illegal blows to head. I do think the stoppage was just before those shots landed tho.
It was just a lame performance by Rich in my opinion.

I also would like to state that I don't think Belfort should get a title shot based on that win.
Lets not forget Henderson also beat Franklin and then Bisbing too. With Henderson being a free agent at the moment I wonder if this is a smart move by the UFC to pass him over in favor of the more marketable Belfort/Silva fight.

As for Rich I think the next fight will be Forrest Griffin. Both lost in the same fashion and now need a win. I also think its a fight people would pay to see.

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