Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Machida error

I wasn't going to buy UFC 104. I thought it was kind of a lame card but, I bought it anyway. The card had some good fights blah blah blah then the main event.
I told everyone Shogun did not deserve this title shot. That Machida was going to murder him. Machida had never even lost a round before nobody could even hit him.
Shogun proved me wrong.
He went in with a solid strategy that picked Machida apart. His leg and body kicks slowly broke down Machida. At the end of five rounds Machida was beaten and bruised and Shogun looked as if he could go 5 more rounds.
I was SURE Shogun was the new champ.
When the judges gave the win to Machida myself and every other person in the entire MMA world was shocked.
But not Machida.
He acted as if he won the fight from the sound of the final bell.
It was a sad sad night for MMA.
Shogun worked his ass off and won that title. He was robbed and as long as Machida holds that belt the title is a complete joke.

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