Sunday, April 3, 2011

Absolute Action XII recap

What an awesome night of mixed martial arts action April 2 was. I had the privilege of sitting cageside and doing commentary with the guru who knows more than you do Brian Furby. It was a fantastic night as AAMMA crowned 3 new champions and a few new contenders burned their names in people's minds. Your opinion may differ from mine,But this is how I seen some of the highlights of the evening.

Fight of the night - Derrick Weisenberger vs Nick Noe

I had said for weeks this would be a great fight and these 2 did not disappoint. Noe had Weisenberger mounted in the first round and was pounding him. He then went for a rear naked, But there was no quit in Weisenberger. He weathered the storm and in the next two rounds a beat up Derrick stuck it to Nick Noe winning by Unanimous Decision

Submission of the Night - Is a tie for me Jinny Skees was taking a ton of damage from Alisa Hauschild, But pulled off a sick armbar in the third round for the win.
Earlier in the night tho Luke Hoffman def Jerry Huber via a just as sick armbar only 25 seconds into the fight. So they both get my props.

Knock out of the night - Ok so this is also a tie sue me. My boy Shane McClain won the 185lb title with a sweet punch that knocked out Mike Marrapodi just 19 seconds into the first round. Then in the co-main event Jared "honey" Combs landed a very well timed head kick to knock Tyson Triplett slick out. Both were a sight to see.

In other highlights Jessamyn Duke wasted no time beating Sarah Cook to become the new AAMMA female champ and Josh Franklin Shocked alot of people by beating Dupri Moon via standing guillotine choke to become the new AAMMA heavyweight champ.
It was a great night I really enjoyed doing the post fight interviews. I would like to thank my homies Dr. Double P and VP Billy D for allowing me to be involved with a sport I love so much.

Here are the results of the entire card. I stole these from my friends at CageCraze. They do great event coverage so check them out.

Jakub Wethington def Chris McKenzie via TKO at 3:00 in Rd.1 (McKenzie could not answer the bell for Rd. 2)
Deric Reece def Travis Faulkner via Submission (choke) at 1:21 in Rd.1
Rogelio Garzon def Eric Price via TKO (strikes) at 2:07 in Rd.1
Levon Sackett def Rayshaun Allen via Submission (strikes) at 1:50 in Rd.2
Luke Hoffman def Jerry Huber via Submission (arm bar) at 0:25 in Rd.1
Lance VanHoosier def Lonnie Mosely via Verbal Submission (injury) at 2:43 in Rd.2
Gina Begley def Trinity Jostmeyer via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:16 in Rd.1
Chase Piatt def Brittany Skelton via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)
Derrick Weisenberger def Nick Noe via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)
Jinny Skees def Alisa Hauschild via Submission (arm bar) at 1:48 in Rd.3
Chancellor Edmonson def Jason Carrier via Submission (guillotine) at 2:00 in Rd.1
Josh Franklin def Duprie Moon via Submission (standing guillotine) at 2:29 in Rd.2 to win the AAMMA HW Championship
Jessamyn Duke def Sarah Cook via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 0:52 in Rd.1 to become the new AAMMA Female Champion
Shane McClain def Mike Marrapodi via KO (Punches) at 0:19 in Rd.1 to win the AAMMA MW Title
Kody Charlton def Matt Bell via KO (Knee) at 1:41 in Rd.2 to retain the AAMMA LHW Title
Jared Combs def Tyson Triplett via KO (head kick) at 2:11 in Rd.1
Dallas Woods def Chris Smith via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)


Anonymous said...

i love you turtle lol from.......poopsie

BluegrassMMA said...

Good work last night. Our opinions differed a bit but overall this was a crazy awesome show. See ya again May 7th

Derrick said...

Thx for the kind words Turtle! I'm glad you think so highly of the performance Nick and I displayed! Took heart man, took heart!

TheMagicDonJuan said...

Again you did a great job on the in-ring interviews. I'm also glad to see you had Derrick vs Nick as your fight of the night. I wasn't able to see all the fights so wasn't sure who would take the FOTN but very happy to hear you saw the heart and fight in both Derrick and Nick.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Turtle.. We all at Family Fight Wear,.. love you........