Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I don't want to see Silva vs GSP

Ever since Zuffa bought Strikeforce people have been talking about the match ups that they would love to see. Up to this point GSP vs Anderson Silva was the Superfight people hoped to see in the near future. I have no desire to see that fight myself. I have seen both fighters up close and there is a huge size difference. Long story short, I think Silva would kill GSP. Don't get me wrong I love GSP he is one of the greatest champions of all time. That's why I do not want it to happen. It would tarnish the legacy of GSP.
I do however have some Superfights that I would love to see. I think some of these match ups make more sense than others, But none the less I love to see them.

GSP vs Nick Diaz
Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva
Randy Couture vs Fedor
Overreem vs Cain Velasquez
Jose Aldo vs Gilbert Melendez
Brock Lesnar vs Josh Barnett

Ok so flame me all you want I'd love to see any of these fights. What is your dream superfight?

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